Dear Editor:

I would like to suggest to open-minded Pagosans that they give some consideration to an issue which has received very little attention in the national discourse during this campaign — the environment. We are surrounded by public lands and there are many powerful interests hunkering to get unfettered access to those resources. Presidential candidate Romney said he isn’t sure why we need so much public land and has expressed support of a Utah measure, passed by the legislature and signed by the governor, that demands that the federal government turn over 30 million acres of public land to the state. This is, no doubt, so that the oil companies and the likes of the Koch brothers can extract as much as they want without regard for the environment or the enjoyment of future generations.

We need to send someone to Congress from Colorado’s Third Congressional District who will forcefully represent our ethic of preserving public lands for public enjoyment and for the benefit of our children. Sal Pace is the candidate who will do this. Sal Pace’s has been endorsed by the Sierra Club. He believes that Coloradans want a responsible balance between exploiting our natural resources and preserving the natural beauty and recreational opportunities that attract the hunters, fishermen, rafters and hikers who visit and live here. Hopefully, Mr. Pace’s opponent shares some of these concerns, but he has not taken a strong position on this issue and his party is moving in the other direction. That is why Sal Pace is the better choice to represent us in Congress.

Johnny Pickett

This story was posted on October 17, 2012.