Entomology workshop gets up close with insects

Photo courtesy Sally High
A praying mantis is a good insect to find in your vegetable garden. Join the GGP for an insect workshop this Saturday at the Education Dome on the San Juan River. Register at Pagosagreen.org.

By Al Pfister and Sally High
Special to The PREVIEW

Insects are all around us. Often they’re in places we don’t want them to be. While we wish those pesky flies and mosquitoes would find a place where we are not, there are many insects around us that make our lives possible and better. Insects often don’t get the respect they deserve.

Geothermal Greenhouse Partnership (GGP) invites you to join local professional and amateur entomologists, folks who know about insects, at the GGP Amphitheater on Saturday, Aug. 12, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The GGP Amphitheater and Education Dome are at 80 South 5th Street in Centennial Park, behind the courthouse.

GGP welcomes everyone interested in learning more about insects — on the river, in the garden or in the fields and forests around us. GGP’s Entomology Workshop will emphasize the beneficial ones. Participants will release ladybugs and lacewings at the GGP Education Dome. The workshop will also introduce participants to fly-fishing and the insects that fish prefer. Participants will become acquainted with the insects we may encounter in our gardens and their importance in pollination. The fly-fishing portion of the workshop will demonstrate fly-fishing techniques, as well as what insects to look for and where to enhance your future fishing experiences.

Whether it’s honey bees pollinating the crops we eat and providing honey, ladybugs eating aphids, mayflies hatching on the river to help us catch that lunker trout or monarch butterflies making their magnificent migrations — insects are a critical part of our lives. Many of the beneficial insects around us are facing some tough times.

A box lunch is provided with each registration. GGP members pay only $20 for this half-day experience and nonmembers pay $40. All proceeds for GGP’s Lifelong Learning Workshops benefit the nonprofit’s educational programming for all ages. Go to Pagosagreen.org to register for a workshop or become a member today. Registration will also be available at the workshop on Saturday morning.

Expect a pop-up concert at lunch featuring Monte Stewart and drawings for river tube rentals.

GGP’s next two Lifelong Learning Workshops are “Greenhouse Gardening” on Sept. 23 and “The Three Sisters at your Thanksgiving Table” on Nov. 4.

Visit Pagosagreen.org for more information about these educational opportunities and other special events like the Saturday, Sept. 16, second annual GGP Breakfast with Balloons on the San Juan River.

This story was posted on August 11, 2017.