Endorsing Shari

Dear Editor:

There is a new day dawning in Pagosa Springs. There is a new look coming to our Town Government and it looks like it will be a good thing. There are several good candidates for the positions open and I hope the voters will take a serious look before casting their ballots.

There is one outstanding candidate for the position of Mayor, Shari Pierce. There are many reasons I am endorsing Shari and I will share some of them with you. Shari is a longtime resident and has been very active in local affairs. She has served as a member of Town Council and represented the Town on several of its committees.

I have always found Shari to be a critical thinker. She looks at every issue or problem thoroughly before reaching a decision on the best course of action. She is reasonable and fair in all of her decisions.

Probably her strongest asset is that she has no ties to the current Town Management and will bring fresh insight to all areas of our government.

Mamie Lynch

This story was posted on April 3, 2014.