Dear Editor:

We the people of the Aspen Springs Metro District (ASMD) fired the first figurative shot in this year’s election on February 11, in the monthly meeting of the board.
Let me repeat what I’ve said before. We created this monster with our indifference to the goings on in our District, and they got used to being able to do as they pleased. This year saw a change, with active participation by the landowners. The board would not listen to the people, and they continued to do as they wanted, to include supporting one side of a lawsuit that should have been between only the landowners in court, using District funds that aren’t in the published budget. If you go to the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) website you can find the following past election information:
1. There has only been one election in the past eight years.
2. The election in 2008 was cancelled for a lack of candidates. No one but the sitting board entered. There was no need.
3. In 2010 the election was cancelled for the same reason.
4. In 2012 there is no information entered, allegedly because it was totally botched. Paperwork, as in the Nomination forms, from some candidates, was lost.
5. The only Director that was actually elected has just resigned. All the remaining Directors were appointed, not elected. They never faced the people in an election.
This will not happen in 2014.
We the people researched the election process. The February 6 issue of the SUN, had quite a number of Districts requesting nominations for candidates for the May 6, 2014 special elections. ASMD did not. February 8, 2014 was supposed to be the start of this process. Last night, February 11, 2014, they verbally opened this time period. Unfortunately, they were not able to get it into the SUN until last week. If we had waited for that, we’d have had only five days to get the forms to the Designated Election Official (DEO), and that by mail. We didn’t wait. Instead we hand delivered nomination forms for eight candidates last night.
This took the board by surprise. One of the Director’s significant other, who has made a habit of instructing the board from the floor, without board permission, was seen, and videoed, rifling through the forms. Was she looking for any clerical errors that would eliminate some? Maybe. They won’t be able to lose these nominations though since the DEO signed a receipt for them.
Like Saint George, we will fight this dragon.

Doug Roberts

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.