Dear Editor:

Don’t treat us like children. We are the elderly.

Our bodies may stoop over, we may walk slowly, we make have to think a minute before we speak (wish more people would).

Yes, our bodies are worn and tired from our long journey through life, but that same journey has taught us how to “make do” — oh yes, we always found a way — it taught us about commonsense intelligence (not enough of that today) and our soul is filled with loving thoughts of service to others in younger days, of raising children without the “comforts” that are taken for granted today.

Call the Senior Center before 9 a.m. (264-2167) to let them know you are joining them for lunch — a real treat, not just the food but soaking in a lot of love, companionship and laughter. It makes me sad when I hear some talk down to an elderly person — instead, listen to them, you could still learn something from them. Thanks for listening.

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on August 28, 2014.