Effective steward

Dear Editor:

Each of us in this community has reason to be concerned about the effective stewardship of our energy resources. Bob Lynch is, in my opinion, one whom we can depend upon to look after our current interests as well as the long term interests of this community. His many years as an international business consultant reflect his ability to think and plan strategically as well as to his breadth of knowledge and experience. He knows the importance of keeping costs in line, how to run an effective organization and how to make the LPEA cooperative work for all of us. In addition, he understands effective leadership and the role of a board of directors.

His personal history as a native of Pagosa Springs and as a rancher in the area, speak to his understanding and personal investment in the well being of the community and its environment.

Bob has integrity and is trustworthy; he has the ability to look beyond his personal interests and to support the broader needs of Archuleta Springs.

Please vote for him to serve on the LPEA Board of Directors.

Codie Wilson

This story was posted on May 1, 2014.