Ed Center

Dear Editor:

A friend in Pagosa Springs called this morning to tell me you had covered the Learning Center in this week’s paper. Thanks for telling the real story. I was in Pagosa Springs two summers ago and visited the Center. No one working there had any idea how the place started up and the classrooms and offices were empty and dusty. Sad. It used to be a thriving community center with 200-plus student “clients” and 40 volunteers.

Also, it’s important to remember that Lenore Bright of the Upper San Juan Library District was the real “starter” on this project. The rest of us just worked hard to make her wonderful dream come true.  I don’t know where Lenore is these days, but she should always be remembered as the power behind the Archuleta County Adult Learning Center project.

It’s too bad it’s over. The place enjoyed a great run and, despite having enjoyed working for governors, governments and a university, being the director of the original program lives in my memory as the best job I ever had.

Ginger Swartz

Boulder City, Nev.

This story was posted on September 26, 2013.