Dumb choices

Dear Editor:

Wal-Mart folks are not very “business-smart.” Folks who live east, south and north of town have been “left out” so far as convenience goes — some must travel 20 miles or more to reach the stores located west of town. But the smart folks of Wal-Mart purchased land west of town, very close to stores and shops that are already doing a great job of meeting our “every day needs.” Even folks in the Chromo and Chama areas would appreciate something much closer. If they are truly community-minded as they would have us believe, then why did they not purchase land somewhere south of town where there is a need? Because they are not very smart.

Seems they only want to “up” their profits by hurting established businesses that have taken the risk to meet our needs over the years. Regardless of “where” this goes, let’s continue to support those who have “been here” for us all along as we grew from a “village” to a “town” — they are our friends and neighbors. Let’s not become “just another Wal-Mart town.”

Patty Tillerson

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.