Dud candidates

Dear Editor:

At the League of Women’s meeting last Wednesday was clear both Republicans for county commissioner were duds. Dennis Spencer is off the chart as sky in the pie candidate. It is good to see former county commissioners and leading Republicans are supporting Ray Lattin, but he is also lacking in understanding of the job. “We can’t do anything about tourism” which is the life blood of Pagosa’s economy was sad comment and absurd. From promoting tourism in a variety of ways the local business and total economy can be promoted. Like most people who have run for county commissioner Lattin’s knowledge is limited to farming and equipment which he has been involved. That is good but limited in scope. Mr. Lattin is also opposed to democracy and initiatives especially if he doesn’t like it.

Whiting is not liked by either Clifford or Wadley, but my guess he will be reelected since the Republicans can’t get someone who understands which way is up.

J.B. Smith

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.