Dry Gulch?

Dear Editor:

While I was at the St. Patrick’s Festival on March 15th, Mr. Ramberg passed out a flyer concerning the candidates for the upcoming election of PAWSD board members. I feel that his one line remark concerning Mr. West does not fairly represent this gentleman. Mr. Ramberg stated that, “Mr. West attended a meeting of the PAWSD board, and asked ’What is Dry Gulch?’” I believe that is a very good question. What is Dry Gulch? Who better to give an answer to this question than the Water Department Board and then to have their response put on record during a board meeting? Mr. West freely admits that he is a new resident and is not up on all the history of this area. However, he is actively seeking out answers to such questions as ‘what is Dry Gulch.’ Recently he drove out to the Dry Gulch suite to see for himself where and what it is. How many other people have done that?

Mr. West has an extensive background in problem solving for several ‘Large’ companies and has recently retired to this area from what I understand. If he is willing to offer us his services for free to help solve problems we may have at the water department I suggest we take a closer look at this candidate. We just might need someone like Mr. West who is not afraid to ask, “What is Dry Gulch?”

Wanita M. Martin

This story was posted on March 20, 2014.