Dear Editor:

About a month ago, my brother Marcus called me up. Finishing my last days of cosmetology school excited us to plan my return home. One of the first things he mentioned while we were preparing was the Outlaw Snowdown. He said he was opening the festival with Brooks i band and we had to plan everything around this event. Having a passion for music, I did not hesitate to accept the invitation to have a good time.

We showed up promptly at 5:30 on Friday night ready to dance and enjoy the show. Surprisingly, the huge white tent was inviting, warm and provided an array of drinks and food to buy. As the tent filled up, the music got louder and the people of Pagosa became happier.

Being in the city for a majority of my college life, I became accustomed to great entertainment, but I lacked the quality company. I looked around the tent later in the night and spotted the faces of Pagosa coming together to support a great cause — music. This welcome home was divine. Everyone was having fun, talking, dancing and remembering why we keep returning to this beautiful place. I keep coming back because of the mountains, the clean air and the stinky healing waters. What a blessing it is to come home to realize these are the best people around.

Here in Pagosa there are great moments when we are able to come together, support our growth, remember our loved ones, and continue to smile, laugh and dance daily. This past weekend was a great moment in Pagosa. I am very grateful to the beautiful family who had the courage to create their dreams in bringing us together with music. Thank you. I’m excited about next year.

To a Pagosa future of laughter, gratitude and manifesting dreams.

Naquita Rivas

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.