Drama Club to present ‘Crying Out’ for three performances

By Dale Johnson
Special to The PREVIEW
Teenage life is full of pitfalls: drugs, alcohol, suicide and unexpected pregnancies. Just saying “no” isn’t always enough. With an innovative style that combines different scenes with a chorus, the play “Crying Out” addresses drug abuse, teen sexuality, male responsibility in pregnancy, communication and other current issues.
A powerful dramatic piece, spliced with humor and utilizing ensemble roles, it has provoked extensive discussion after every production. Such is the description of the Pagosa Springs High School Drama Club as it presents “Crying Out,” rated PG, by Matthew Hunt, a one-act play.
The play is student-directed by Sydney Mitchell and features Hunter Swinehart, Alex Rountree, Blaize Guiterrez, Ana Perea, Myles Roque, CeCe McSwain, Caroline Foster, Caroline Smith, Hannah Rockensock and Sara Laucius.
“Crying Out” was the winner of the Texas Educational Theatre Association Playwriting Award. Nineteen years ago, in 2001, it was presented by the then PSHS Drama Club winning several awards in competition.
The 2020 cast has been working hard to bring Pagosa a strong and powerful rendition of this extraordinary one act. “Crying Out,” produced by Sean Downing, offers three performances on Feb. 15, 21 and 22 at 7 p.m. at the high school. We appreciate the support of our young actors.

This story was posted on February 14, 2020.