Dear Editor:

It’s not just pre-season for football, it’s pre-season for politics as well. All the big money lobbyists are out, looking at new recruits for the 2014 mid term elections.

“It is almost like investing in a first-round draft pick for the NBA or NFL,” one lobbyist said. “There is potential there. So we make an investment, and we are hopeful that investment produces a return.”

And we the voters like to pretend that these professional players are just like us.

They’re not.

This is a draft pick from the ruling elite, or those who wish to join the ruling elite.

The average personal wealth of a member of Congress is well in excess of a million dollars (the average in the Senate is over $7 million). These people socialize with their own kind, send their kids to the same private schools, and live in the same gated communities. They don’t worry about the cost of college or heatlhcare or retirement … over 50 percent of them go to work for the same lobbyists that recruited them in the first place when they retire from “public service.”

And except on television, or when running for re-election, when they all drive pickup trucks and pretend to shop at Costco, they have very little in common with the common man … and their actual policies, as opposed to their rhetoric, consistently reflects those interests.

And here’s the point. We can do better. The only reason we believe that actual leadership that represents our interests are totally unelectable, is because our media tell us they are unelectable. But, so long as we keep getting politicians who have been “drafted” by big money corporate America, we are going to keep getting a big-money corporate agenda.

F John Lozen

This story was posted on August 15, 2013.