Don’t vacate

Dear Editor:

I recently received a notice that an application to Vacation the Right of Way of Piedra Street and Navajo Street and the alley between 6th/7th Streets. That a public hearing is scheduled on 29 April 2014.

The portion Piedra Street in discussion is a cut through the hill for drainage of most of the area to the West. Prior to making that cut through the hill all the storm drainage came off from the West and down the ditch on 7th Street, and onto U.S. 160. These two streets (Piedra and Navajo) provide access to the crest of hill which is basically the alley between 6th/7th Streets.

This provides one of the more scenic views of all of Pagosa Springs and the surrounding area, and is also used by many to hike and walk. I feel this alley is an important piece of property for our citizens to access the magnificent view, and hiking area.

I can only assume that the applicants requesting Vacation of the ROW want to develop their property at the expense of the citizens of the town. If this property is vacated — it would deny access to one of the most scenic views of Pagosa Springs, and would most likely be destroyed in the process of development of the adjacent pieces of property. The tail end of Piedra Street is an important drainage system for the town of Pagosa Springs and should also be retained — also it provides access to the alley in discussion.

I make this assumption due to the fact that I have tried to reach Mr. Dickhoff by phone and he hasn’t responded. I vehemently object to the vacation of the proposed right of way. I own the property on the corner of 7th and Piedra (south side).

Franklin W. Anderson

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.