Doesn’t get it

Dear Editor:

So, Muriel Eason continues to rant and rave through her letter writing frenzy to the editor (on 5/29/14). These letters, dating back before the Wal-Mart era, are emphatically indicating her displeasure and opposition. Her latest letter mentions healing needed in the community, hurt feelings, rifts and animosity. Choice words for someone that doesn’t get it.

Ms. Eason cites the dysfunction that currently exists. Muriel should look no further than herself. She has been mired in controversy since her feeble attempts to be some kind of community advocate. As someone who strives for recognition, maybe she ought to list her accomplishments (?) in the community.

Muriel, as a wannabe, is typical of a very disgruntled individual who smacks of frustration and futility.

As Queen Bee of the outfit she heads up, she allowed racialism as an agenda item. Including allowing negative comments to be made directed at four community leaders, singling them out by name — and indicating that aged Hispanics are barriers to progress. Subsequent to the aftermath she wonders why there are hurt feelings. The rift she mentions can be attributed to failure of acquiring $100,000 of the taxpayers’ money, from the town, for her beloved Community Development Corporation (CDC).

In her assessment of the community, as a self-appointed critic, she stated all the things that are wrong … “poor me — the sky is falling syndrome.” She forgets her involvement in some of the most controversial and political issues, as well as the countywide elections she has been involved with. Could this fallout/residue be from past political activity? She should ask herself that question.

Ross Aragon

This story was posted on June 12, 2014.