Do you know?

Dear Editor:

It always amazes me the apathy of the public. They elect people to boards etc. and then never attend a meeting to be involved in the decisions that are made. Then, out of the blue some issue or some rumor comes up and they attend a meeting full of anger and misinformation; and crucify the elected who is trying to be of service to their community.

I don’t know anyone elected to serve on a board, who goes in as a candidate that has anything but helping the community in mind. The people you vote for must represent you, I hope that you have done the research to know; why they are running and where they stand on issues.

Aspen Springs is having a spirited election, the first in many years, not because of any wrong doing. They have not had enough people volunteer to run for the board, most years begging people to volunteer to appoint to fill the five seats. Up until this sheep issue, very few in the community attended board meetings at all. By statute a metro district must have at least 2 of the 3 community issues in its service plan to be a metro: roads, water/sewer, parks and rec.

Do you know the people that are running? Do you know where they stand on issues? Do they represent you? Do they have the community in mind? Do the candidates you are voting for, know the statutes involved in running a half million dollar district? Do they know the work involved in keeping the district current with DOLA and other State entities?

There has been so much false information posted in letters to the editor, on (closed group) community Facebook pages, posted around the community and just the rumor mill. No one in Aspen Springs wants to be like the PLPOA. We all want to enjoy the land we own. We are zoned by the county as residential AG, so we can have our horses, chickens etc. We don’t want to become a fenced-in area where the deer and wildlife are fenced out.

Can you imagine our community with every one-acre lot fenced in with six-foot hog fence to keep the neighbors livestock out? Can you imagine playing disc golf or horseshoes on the park area, and having horses run up on you? For that matter, just riding your horse through the greenbelt or down the roadside and it being spooked by a herd or flock of livestock.

What is good for one should be good for all, imagine each resident of Aspen Springs able to have more livestock than they can support and let them loose to feed off of everyone else.

The election by mail-in ballot will be decided on May 6th, 6 candidates for 2 year terms — 9 candidates for 4 year terms. Ballots were mailed on April 15th. Know who you are voting for. Keep our roads our water station and our parks for our community.

Ronnie Zaday

This story was posted on April 17, 2014.

4 Responses to Do you know?

  1. Sharon Casali Parker

    April 18, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    This letter coming from the very person who started the division in our community!!

  2. Stephen Keno

    April 18, 2014 at 3:28 pm

    Really miss Zaday, I wasn’t aware that it was in the Metro Districts job description to spend over 16,000 dollars in legal fees to go after one person which is not come to conclusion because it is now in the appellate court and the cost is mounting while our roads suffer. You and your group of cronies have gone around taking pictures of peoples property and turning them in to the county under the nuisance ordinance which you initiated. Before your coming here Aspen Springs had no covenants or restrictions and that is why people moved here, some of the people suffering now have lived here for almost 40 years. I would ask one question, Who died and left you as the conscious of Aspen Springs???
    Over 370 people signed the petition to keep Aspen Springs open range but I guess their wishes don’t count because we have you on tap and I quote ” it’s not about the sheep it is about controlling the people

  3. Loretta Thomas

    April 18, 2014 at 7:23 pm

    I have moved here so that I could have my land and do as I want on it but if Ms Zaday has her way we will all be pushed out. You Ms Zaday have some nerve I have done my research and you was implicated in voter fraud in 2007 and you are doing it again, you was asked to leave the county board and you are calling the kettle black I will tell you as my grandmother told me all my life you need to sweep your own door step before you try and tell Aspen Springs what to do. You and your cronies need to get your facts straight I have been to all but 1 metro meeting every since I went into contract on my place. It is all the law suits and other money that no one can account for is the reason we don’t have the money for our roads this year. It seems to me that 1.) this letter should not have been published as you are married to one of the candidates since us candidates could get a letter put in the paper. 2.) The stuffing of the ballets on Monday was done under secret with you in the building which shouldn’t have been done. 3.) I know a lot of people that are votes have not received ballets so that leads me to believe that there is foul play going on and some of those people have lived at the same address for many years. Do you really want me to go on. I will be calling SOS and the District attorney on Monday because your DEO won’t get back to me and other candidates about our watchers which by law we are in titled to.

  4. Doug Roberts

    April 18, 2014 at 9:09 pm

    How brave of you to put a letter in the Pagosa Sun at a time when someone who is not a candidate could respond in time to affect the voters who will vote? A very political tactic. How typical of you as
    well to hide behind those that are your friends until it is safe. If I could write a letter to the Sun in response, I would. In fact I have penned three over the last three weeks discussing what I’m about to talk
    about in this letter, only to be told that they will not publish letters from candidates. So be it.

    You are quick to tell newcomers to the area that you used to be a County Commissioner. Of course you don’t include the fact that your were forced to resign because of improper activities and conflicts of interest reference real estate projects at the time. How you talked prospective buyers into
    paying huge amounts of money. Now they are “under water” with property that they owe more on than it’s worth and are losing their homes by
    being evicted.

    When I tried to buy the land next to us, owned by the District, yours and Ms. Sullivan’s primary response was that it could, by itself, drive down the property values in Aspen Springs. Even though Deb and I were the high bidders in a sealed bid (another name for a silent auction) you, quite possibly through Mr.Warring and Mr. Robinson,
    violated that process by refusing to sell it.

    You also don’t tell these same people how the Republican Party officially reprimanded you, a party you still represent, and have been implicated in the latest caucus debacle as being corrupt.

    People don’t change unless they hit rock bottom, or have an epiphany. They do, however, change how they do things. Does this sound
    familiar? It should since it pretty closely resembles you. Your behavior, even now, closely resembles it. The new you hides behind and uses friends to work through.

    The A.S. CommUNITY FaceBook page is indeed a closed group. This is not because we don’t want A.S. residents in it, it is actually for any resident that maintains proper decorum. It is to keep sales people from outside the community from disrupting the flow of ideas and offers of help to those in need of it. If you asked Mr. Ken DooMan
    Sorce to be allowed to join it, I know he would let you, as he has done with many of your friends. Yes, Kathleen Sullivan was taken out of the group when she refused to change how she reacted to the other members. Even after being warned. Abusive language and degrading comparisons to the
    other members, even now, will not be tolerated. Believe me, if you were allowed in and one of the other members was attacking your ideas, they
    would be asked to leave.

    You stated that the present board is only trying to faithfully represent the interests of the
    District’s landowners. Yet, when presented with an idea conflicting with what they believe is the “right thing” from those in attendance, they have consistently ignored them. I can’t imagine why so many don’t continue to go It seemed like a waste of time. Yes, I agree with you that the board has for many years been left to their own devices by a
    constituency that has been, as you described, indifferent at best. I have said so in a couple of letters to the Sun’s Editor.

    The issue Mr. Warring and you talk about that you describe as the only one many of the candidates are addressing is, as I described last night on the CommUNITY board, very much like what both sides of the Civil War used to motivate the common person—Slavery—when in actuality that War was fought over State’s Rights. In actuality it is about numerous problems on top of the lawsuit against Mr. Keno.

    However, let’s start with that since it’s the only one you are willing to talk about. It is not the District’s purview to take sides with one entity to sue another. I agree, if a landowner becomes a bad
    neighbor, they should, and can, address it through the judicial system, as private individuals. To bring a suit against one owner of livestock and not the others who still regularly allow their animals there,
    whether by design, or accident, as was seen last week when a Deputy had to chase down and corral an errant horse. This was what I showed in the
    letter that drew fire from the other Directors. I was censured, not for using the Metro District’s letterhead, which, as the Secretary, I had the
    right to do, but, as told to me by Ms. Katie Burke (the lawyer representing the District in this) it was because I wouldn’t “join the common front” in the process. I was verbally attacked by Mr. Glenn
    Robinson over this. I do believe that the Board thought the suit against Mr. Keno would be an easy kill. Instead, they have completely depleted the nearly $17,000, which was supposed to be used for Parks and Recreation, that was allocated by boards that had the same people on it, though never published as part of the budget. As it’s turned out,
    the lawsuit has not been done quickly, and is now in the Appellate system. Now that the money is gone, where are they going to get the additional funds to continue it? From the District’s budget instead of
    using it for legitimate uses? This issue is not about Mr. Keno and his sheep, it is about a misappropriation of funds best used elsewhere.

    At the last board meeting—April 8, 2014—just such an issue came up. When a group of landowners requested the District supply the
    park area with at least one Porta-Potty so they could have a “Meet and Greet” for all the candidates to meet with the A.S. constituents, You, Ronnie Zaday, had a hissy fit, as well as your—husband is he—until it was obvious that if the board didn’t provide it you thought it would be used against the candidates you support. You know something, this
    has been an issue that has been brought up on numerous occasions. Did the board listen to and take care of the problem of there being no
    facilities? No the board ignored it. It will spend $17,000.00 suing a landowner but initially refused to spend $100.00 a month for something that will allow landowners from units other than five to use it. Is this the “one issue” you claim? Not at all.

    Putting a white picket fence around the park—picnic shelter, game set ups and the disk golf course—would not take away from it’s
    beauty, but enhance it. The “fence out” laws of Colorado are still on the books, but they only apply to private property, they do not apply to
    public land. The fact that the Green Belt belongs to the whole District and not the Board members should be taken into account. When the Board made a resolution, over the top of other landowner’s protests, can be applied to your comment that the Board is only doing things that benefit the District. Why didn’t you have a referendum asking for
    the will of ALL the residents.

    Let’s return to the accusation of having a closed group. The “Meet and Greet” last Saturday was open to anyone who wanted to come. Those planning it made a point of inviting all the candidates, even your “husband” who, with you, is the epitome of the problems here. Yet, at the same time you and your friends had a soirée of your own at Mr. Molinsky’s (sp?) place. Did you invite any candidates other than those that are your friends? No. On top of that? It is common knowledge that no motor vehicles are allowed on the Green Belt, yet many of your guests parked their vehicles there. Are those on the Board exempt from the regulations you hold others to?

    Transparency issues. The present board feels it appropriate to hold “executive sessions” to discuss issues and plans for items that they don’t want the public to know who talked about what. Then, when the motion is made after the session, they word it so vaguely that those still there have no idea what’s being voted on. I have stated in my campaign
    beliefs that, as long as the District, through the Board, is doing what they’re supposed to be doing, and ONLY what they’re supposed to be doing, there should never be a need for an “executive session”, not even when talking to a lawyer like Ms. Katie Burke. Lawyer/client confidentiality is for the client, not the lawyer. The District, as the client, can at any time open up the topic of these past sessions to the
    public, at the moment of discussions.

    You have in the past, and still, try to control Mr. Dickie Warring with hand signs and body language from the floor. This, in spite of the fact that the meeting is not at those times open for landowner’s concerns. If you think this has not been noted on numerous occasions you are sorely
    wrong. You have no problem spreading rumors through your friends, yet you condemn others that aren’t in your group of doing so.

    I specifically asked, in an email, what Mr. Warring’s and your plans for the District are? What do you feel is for the good of the other landowners? Did you respond to me? No. Is it something that you
    don’t want the other landowner’s to know?

    There are other small items that are disliked by this District’s constituency, but I don’t want this letter to go on for any more pages. Does what I just
    have described sound like a single item campaign? I don’t think so. Ms. Zaday, your past, your present and those plans you have for the future are the worse thing that not only this District has, but the
    entire County. As has been seen on numerous occasions, your presence, by itself, is enough to draw fire, which, is why you don’t personally
    represent anything, but instead use your friends.