Dear Editor:

As one who faithfully reads The SUN, I am dismayed and saddened at the amount of not-so subliminal attacks on the town council as it pertains to Reservoir Hill.

Having the pleasure of knowing some of the council, they are not selfish, mentally challenged, looking for the “fast buck” or desiring to “clear-cut” and destroy our beautiful hill. Are they flawless? No, they are as human as you and me. But, they live here; don’t vote and then rush out of town. They want their decisions to be what is best for Pagosa Springs and not just for themselves. Heck, I believe one member has a beautiful view of Reservoir Hill from their front porch. Would that member want it “clear-cut,” ruined and noisy? I’m sure a few loud “town criers” will say otherwise. Contrary to what “Rumor Control” shouts, the council hasn’t adopted the naval phrase of “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead” on every Reservoir Hill possibility; they want what will benefit the locals and our year-round visitors. But is that made known to all the voters?

In my 63 years of existence on this planet, I have seen my share of loud “squawkers” that band together to create their own agenda of “salvation” to the ill-informed masses. Garnishing the name “Friends of Reservoir Hill,” I guess many are not “friends,” rather enemies for not falling hook, line and sinker for their printed hysterics.

Let’s take a quick rundown on this issue. When local signatures were gathered by petitioners, the “Friends” were supposedly “aghast” that many of the signers were misled by the spoken word “amusement.” With that word, rollercoaster, ferris wheel and more were used to anger uninformed voters into sighing their petitions. Was that playing by the rules?

Now, with every supportive letter, article, e-mail, advertisement and political sign, the “Friends” take no shame in shouting “amusement rides” and tearing into the presumed agenda of the town council; all the while playing the “We’re Innocent of Wrong-Doing” card. Two quotes come to mind: “Say a lie long enough and the people will start to believe” and in the Good Book, “A lie that is unopposed will appear as the truth.” Valued tax revenue would be spent on special elections every time someone garners enough signatures by way of honesty or “double-speak.”

No, I am not a “hack” for the council. I have had some differences in the nearly seven years I have called Pagosa Springs my “forever-home.” I know my council friends don’t want to act, or be cast, as dictators. They aren’t all-knowing on every issue; having no need to listen to their constituents. But, it takes two to tango. My prayer is that the flawed council will meet with the flawed “Friends” and agree on what would be the best paths to take in regards to this fabulous little town.

Oh, and to the lady that shamelessly wrote that the town manager was responsible for the failed attempt at building an upscale restaurant downtown; it was the Historical Society (or are they the “Hysterical Society”) that ran that possibility into the ground. That house is old and ugly; hardly historical.

We are a divided small town that can possibly be slowly bleeding out. In the words of the late Rodney King, “Can’t we all just get along?”

Stan F. Counsell

Editor’s note:

It was not the “Historical Society” that was involved with the downtown restaurant/DeVore House situation. The San Juan Historical Society operates the San Juan Historical Society Museum. The town’s Historic Preservation Board is the entity that was involved with the downtown restaurant situation and should not be mistaken for the San Juan Historical Society. The misrepresentation is not only false, but unfair to society members and the work they do.

This story was posted on April 18, 2013.