Dear Editor:

No matter whether we are a Democrat, Republican or Independent, we must demand our politicians be honest with us. We have to take a stand. They cannot say whatever it takes to get elected and then support issues totally in opposition to those views after they are in office. Whether you are a Democrat against gun rights or a Republican against Pro Choice, we must demand the person we send to Denver is the same person we voted for. In this case, Mike McLachlan campaigned as Pro Gun and a strong supporter of gun rights. Upon arriving in Denver, he immediately voted for almost every anti-gun issue put before him, including ones even his own party failed to pass. You cannot lie to get elected. You must be what you claim to be. Many voted for Mike McLachlan based on his claimed pro-gun beliefs. He needs to be recalled and voted on again with his true beliefs disclosed. Honesty is required to represent the voters. Both parties, as well as Independents, have elected representatives who are guilty of saying one thing and then governing in a totally different way. This has to stop. We have to know who we are electing. Lying to gain office is not acceptable. Help recall McLachlan to send a strong message. We will not tolerate dishonesty in the people we elect to represent us. If the voters re-elect him after a recall, at least he will have been elected honestly. This is not a gun issue. This is an honesty issue. I would hope everyone would feel the same way no matter which side of an issue you support. Next time, the person may be a different party and it should not matter. Right is right. Sign the petition for a recall election.

Gene Pearcey


This story was posted on April 25, 2013.