Dear Editor:

I was in the Pagosa Springs Post Office a few days ago and have never been treated with such discourtesy in all my life. I had a letter that had to reach a destination by Monday and asked how this would best be accomplished. I was handed a form, told to fill it out, and side-tossed an express mail envelope and told to stick the letter inside. I moved over so that the next person in line could be waited on, which in itself was a kind gesture considering that the line was long and as usual, only one person was working the counter. Much to my surprise, when I was finished, which maybe took one minute at the most, I expected to complete the transaction. But, no, the next window please sign had been put up without so much as a fare thee well, and by God, we were gone to lunch! I waited a few minutes to see if they would come back. No such luck. I had to return to the line which was now much longer and still only one person working the counter. And for this outstanding service, we get to pay continually higher rates. Thank goodness I have the Arboles Post Office to go to where I am treated courteously and not as a bother (especially at lunch time).

Just a thought: Is it too much to expect that during the busiest time at the post office, when it is lunchtime for everyone else, too, and they are out trying to get errands done, that at least two people could be working the counter? Common sense in a government agency? Inconceivable.

Sincerely disgruntled,

Pat Jackson

This story was posted on November 29, 2012.