Different seasons of our lives

By Jan Davis
Special to The PREVIEW

Summer lingers as the birds begin their migration south. The small animals of the forest store nuts and berries to sustain them through the long winter.

Mingled with early signs of fall, the trees display a colorful canopy of yellow, orange and red. Soon they will be bare and covered with a layer of white.

Hunters stake out their favorite spot for the new hunting season. The drop in temperature ushers in cooler nights and brisk mornings. The early snowfall in the mountains promises more will follow. As each season comes to an end, a new one begins.

My husband, Mike, and I are on the threshold of a new season. Our home is for sale and we will soon leave the beautiful mountains of Pagosa. The last five years have brought restoration and peace. We discovered God anew as we felt ourselves relax in the slower pace of a small town.

God displayed His rugged strength as we maneuvered through the rough terrains of the Alpine Loop. We stood in awe of His creation and took in the panoramic view.

We found rest on our hikes along the river banks of the Piedra. Treasure Falls was a gentle reminder — we are His treasure.

We camped beside East Fork and laughed at the antics of our little campsite visitors. His care reflected in His provision for the creatures of the forest.

We found solitude as we kayaked Williams Lake. Adrift on the water, we felt the warmth of the sun penetrate our bodies and basked in His presence.

The peace and quiet didn’t last long when we traversed the San Juan River on tubes and rafts. The rapids dumped us into the cold, rushing water. The mingle of screams and laughter filled the air. We knew His protection.

An ATV ride from Elwood Pass to Platoro reminded us of God’s faithfulness. The early settlers trusted Him as they forced their way through the rugged mountain sides.

Wolf Creek Pass provided hours of winter fun. We celebrated Christmas on a snowmobile surrounded by family and a soft blanket of white. The snow provided a soft landing as we slid down hills in tubes. Amid all the laughter, we felt His joy.

We love and appreciate all things Pagosa. The memories are packed in the recesses of our mind, where God will bring them to our remembrance.

What the approaching season holds for us, only God knows. Like the early settlers, we trust Him to prepare the way. We rest in the assurance of His continual guidance.

Because of Jesus we look forward with anticipation to a new season.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 states, “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

I love you, but Jesus loves you more.

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This story was posted on January 5, 2017.