Curtains Up

Dear Editor:

I want to talk about one of the best things that happens in Pagosa and that is CUPS (Curtains Up Pagosa).

A couple of years ago when they were still Music Boosters, they presented “Les Miserables.” This was actually the high school’s work with Max Miller as John Val Jean, the lead. At that time I saw it just once, but thought it was the best I had seen in the many years Ron and I have attended these plays. Well I must include another play alongside “Les Miserables” and that is “Jesus Christ Superstar.” I like Laith Sherer and he was perfectly cast as Jesus.

And then there was Darcy DeGuise cast (really?) as Judas and for the first time I heard her sing angrily and she carries it off perfectly. In fact I thought the casting was just right.

I also want to mention Andy Donlan strutting around in his black robes with his advisors there so he wouldn’t be the only one to condemn Jesus.

And there was the young woman who had a hard time yelling “Crucify Him.”

And then there were the Neels — Sally in charge of the music — and wasn’t the orchestra the best ever? And then there was father and son with the “meaty” rolls, Robert as Pentius Pilot and Fr. Doug as “Herod.” Hope all of his parishioners caught that one.

I saw this three times.

Cindy Gustafson

This story was posted on August 7, 2014.