Cultural events

Dear Editor:

Hmmmm, some say we lack cultural events, really? Where have these folks been?

For a start, we have an outstanding public library with scheduled “cultural” events and children’s programs in addition to their wide collection of books.

Then, let’s see, there are free concerts at the arts center, stage productions with Thingamajig Theatre, Curtains Up, Stagestruck, and there are festivals held on Reservoir Hill. We have great rodeos and an outstanding county fair every year. I am sure I have failed to mention several other offerings, but you get the idea, right? These events are all appropriate to our “unique” way of life.

Then, some say we don’t have enough historic sites. Well, there are local museums, a Genealogy Society and then there are national monuments nearby, e.g., Chimney Rock, Mesa Verde, and others near enough for a day’s outing. Then, of course, some want more “shopping” — hmmmm, really? What is “unique” about us, what tourists love about our “shopping,” is the “unique” products offered by some of our local shops — maybe a little expensive for our “locals” but pleasing to our tourists who come looking for something “unique” to buy.

As to our local folks, we are very pleased with our two thrift shops and consignment store — mostly new things — children’s clothes as well as things for adults like me. I even meet tourists in there who are delighted with their “finds.”

So, some say we need a new “recreation” department or the such — of course we already have a parks and recreation department who are doing a great job with the funds they have. A few more funds will allow them to complete things begun, like the trails system, Yamaguchi Park.

This community supports every kind of outdoor recreation there is, all seasons of the year, and of course our school-sponsored sports and outstanding organizations for our young folks, e.g., Scouting for both boys and girls, Venture Scouting for teenagers, and activities through the 4-H Club.

Gee, listing all of these has made me tired, so I will “sign off.”

Patty Tillerson


This story was posted on July 31, 2014.