Critical needs

Dear Editor:

The critical needs in Archuleta County, especially in the winter, do not really include Liberty Zones or political divisions and animosities. The need is for work, fuel, and food for many persons and families. Each week, four church groups hand out food boxes to our fellow citizens here who need our help. Instead of fighting over political issues, I think it would be great if our county citizens and leaders worked together to make sure that everyone who lives here can at least have enough food each week.

We can all help by sending checks for Food Pantry designations to one of the four churches or you can call them and ask what food items they can most use. Large peanut butter, cans of hearty soups, and meat are always in demand, for example.

Food boxes cost around $25 dollars each. Donated food can reduce the church costs as much as $5 or more for each box. So, check donations or food donations are really helpful.

Last year these four churches raised and spent on the order of $100,000 total on food boxes. The four churches are the Community United Methodist Church, John Paul II Catholic Church, the Restoration Fellowship, and St. Patrick’s Episcopal Church. Winters are especially hard. Our fellow residents include many who need your help now. Thanks.

Tom Cruse

This story was posted on February 6, 2014.