Dear Editor:

There are times when I have to wonder why so many people do not connect Obama to anything happening in the country. Until very recently, he escaped attachment to the economy, or any of his policies — even Obama care, which is named after him. Though the American people express total disagreement with the agenda, and utter disapproval of the nation’s direction, they do not associate Obama with any of it.

I bet you won’t find a memo from Obama to Lois Lerner saying, “Target the Tea Party.” He didn’t have to give her orders. He wanted her in that particular role based on who he is, and who she is. Obama knew she had a history of using government to target conservatives. After all, under her leadership in the 1990s, the FCC sued the Christian Coalition (which, after she put them through the wringer, was completely cleared of any wrong doing).

So Lerner needed no instructions to glean what obummer wanted from her. And Obama knew full well what he could expect from her. She showed up hating conservatives, despising the Tea Party. She arrived wanting to punish them. That’s why she was put there.

Obama positioned all such people — Eric Holder, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, you name them — to do his bidding. Everyone at the IRS is doing what they know will please the messiah. They are Obama. He has hired people he knows to be fellow travelers, he has encouraged them — and, after any malfeasance is discovered, he has not fired a single one of them.

In fact, in virtually every instance, he has promoted them and given them bonuses! So the message is still being sent loud and clear throughout the Obama administration. Go after my enemies. You will not be punished. You will be protected, and you will be rewarded.

This is the context for the assertion that essentially what’s taking place in the United States right now is a coup — not violent, not militaristic; but nevertheless a takeover of a government by the Obama administration and his thugs. Many folks envision a coup d etat as a bunch of rebels driving beat-up Jeeps around and firing machine guns. But this is a peaceful coup, where the administration is transforming the nation into something it was not founded to be.

You know it and I know it. This is what animates me. This is why the Tea Party exists. America was founded on certain principles, and they’re under assault. Chief among them, the freedoms and rights protected by the Constitution concerning speech, religion, arms and privacy (“the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects”).

So … in the midst of learning that we’re under drone surveillance, and that secret government agencies are hovering, vacuuming every call, e-mail, communication, keystroke, we’re told: “Calm down.” Nothing whatsoever to worry about. Cause in the midst of a peaceful coup, don’t be afraid to name it. And then repel it. By voting out the miscreants!

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on August 8, 2013.