Dear Editor:

I read where the local astronomical club is going to show an episode of Cosmos. I hope they select the episode on Michael Faraday. Faraday’s experiments on the relationship between electricity and magnetism changed the world. His work resulted in electric motors and generators. With no more than a battery, a magnet and a few feet of wire. His experiments can be repeated by third grade students and this material is sufficient to build a working electric motor.

It seems to me that much of the controversy surrounding LPEA is due to a lack of scientific knowledge of much of the public. The technical information supplied by LPEA to the public is generally accurate and very good. However, it is unread or misunderstood or un-comprehended by far too many adults. I suggest that LPEA put together a dog and pony show illustrating electrical phenomenon and go into the elementary schools and reach the kids before their interest in math and science has been squashed by lousy instructors. The Denver weather forecasters do this for meteorology.

Millions of American parents teach their kids that science is a hoax. German and Korean kids learn calculus in the sixth grade.

I am one of the few citizens in the county who predate LPEA even the REA. The REA would have put in electricity to our farm for a $100. Unfortunately, my Dad didn’t have $100. I know the value of electricity. My grandson is studying electrical engineering and we routinely debate the merits of solar, nuclear and coal, we need all three. Let us hope the Chinese (or a disgruntled hacker) don’t shut down the electric grid in the near future.

Bob Dungan

This story was posted on May 29, 2014.