Dear Editor:

“You shouldn’t get to call yourself an American company only when you want a handout from the American taxpayers,” President Obama. Well there’s the conundrum that should puzzle us all, why do we give tax credits (food stamps) to “American” corporations when they choose to use those funds to do research abroad and buy foreign companies to qualify for reduced U.S. tax obligations? In fact, since 2000, almost every big American multinational corporation has created more jobs outside the United States than inside. Why should these organizations benefit from the American system, defense and government when they refuse their parallel responsibilities?

Let’s ask a Republican representative what he/she thinks about food stamps for human citizens (oooh nasty leaches) and then let’s ask them what they think about U.S. corporations seeking foreign residence for less taxes (called tax inversion) … bet they say … well, it’s legal. Let’s simplify the issue … as the Republican Party is a transparent hindrance on U.S. economic development, hates the poor and new immigrants, recently reversed (political donations for sure) decades of their hate by deciding gays are not practitioners of bestiality, is the party-of-no to everything but money equals free speech and corporations are citizens and see their role to use our tax dollars to sue the President … I think their party would have at least a shred of honesty if it took up tax resident status in Lichtenstein or better yet Beijing.

So what is an American company? Is it only mid-cap and relatively small businesses who buy/sell mostly to Americans? If that’s true, then why allow any tax credits to the Fortune 500? Since large corporations seem to be negative contributors to our GDP and job creation (T-Party where-are-you); and what is this constant jibber-jabber of the Chamber of Commerce about more tax breaks for the now international (formerly American) large companies … make that legalize their Ponzi schemes …“Who cares where these companies contribute economically when they give your political party campaign funds.”

Dave Blake

This story was posted on August 7, 2014.