Dear Editor:

For the first time in the 30 years I have lived In Arboles, there will be no Fourth of July parade; no veterans on the float throwing candy (which I have furnished for the past few years) to the kids.

The do-gooders are busy transforming Pagosa into a tacky amusement park, at taxpayers’ expense, of course. The Constitutionalists are busy forming a new government as soon as the county secedes from the union and the remaining folks are talking on their cell phones.

The Constitutionalists are a bit murky, their letters are virtually incomprehensible. Apparently they want Archuleta County to secede from the union. They want to return to the original Constitution, before the “War of Northern Aggression or the Civil War,” to quote one of their spokesmen. The original Constitution was written by Madison with an assist from Hamilton not by God. It was approved by about forty politicians out of a population of several million. Free men of color counted as three-fifths and the idea of women voting had never even occurred to anyone. The senators were elected by the state representatives and an unholy compromise on the slavery issue proved to be the moral disaster predicted by Washington. Of all the founding fathers only Washington freed his slaves.

One hundred fifty-one years ago the battle of Gettysburg signaled the beginning of the end of the evil institution of slavery. It took Grant and Sherman and the northern armies another year to prevail. The southerners fought nobly for an ignoble cause. My dad used to take me to family cemetery and as we placed flags on the graves of the old soldiers he would retell their stories he had heard firsthand. Most of them had lost an arm or leg but they always wore their uniforms to church.

Since that time millions more have marched, worked and even died to correct the injustices of the founding fathers. In all due respect they did the best they could at the time.

I believe the future of Archuleta County lies with the future of America which lies with the younger generations. For the citizens of Archuleta County to defy the laws of the land in open rebellion is folly.

Bob Dungan

This story was posted on June 19, 2014.