Dear Editor:

The members of the Archuleta County Common Law Grand Jury and County Guard are proud to announce the beginning of a Constitution class. It is my personal belief that anyone holding, a public office or government job, or political candidate, sheriff or county commissioner, that knows nothing of the principles embodied in either Constitution, Colorado or U.S., has no business being employed by we the people. I know a lot of folks find that a foreign concept. I have heard a lot of folks say the Constitution is irrelevant or antiquated. That it needs to be updated. I would say, those folks are clueless. Those ratifying convention discussions, are just as relevant today as they were back then. Nothing has changed. Folks argued both ways for and against a strong central government vs. states rights. States over the central government and the People over the States won out. The rights of the people are paramount. We the peoples rights come first. Please refer to the Colorado Constitution as proof. Oh, that’s right those same people that argue about the Constitution not being relevant, have not read the Colorado Constitution either. We the people are sovereign. That simply means, we created the government and anyone working for the government, is suppose to answer to us, for their actions while performing their duties for us. No government employee, janitor or lawyer, is above the law. Any statute, that is contrary to the Constitution, is not law. It is simple a statute, that carries with it no authority at all. I have heard folks say, I think I am above the law. No, I am not above the law, I submit to the law. The law is meant to protect us and our rights. To violate the law is to become an outlaw. An outlaw, is to be treated as the enemy. Anyone working for, we the people, who violate their sacred oath, to support and defend the Constitution, commit treason. I have been told, by several of our local county office holders, they are offended by my use of the terms, “sedition and treason.” This is a very simple thing to understand. I do not hold any public office. I did serve in the military and I took that oath and I honor it today, years after being discharged. Many folks have taken that oath and while in office do not honor the true spirit of that oath. Consequently, this nation as a whole, has been dismantled internally, since the War of Northern Aggression, or Civil War. No war is civil. Financially, this country was conquered by the central bank, known as The Federal Reserve. We the people, all common everyday folks, who have any hope to restore liberty, bestowed upon us by our ancestors, invite all comers, to join us in this adventure in learning, what really went on back at the beginning of this nation.

Hope to see you in class.

Greg Giehl

This story was posted on June 5, 2014.