Dear Editor:

I hear some people say, “it’s been five years, you can’t blame Bush.” The following are a few decisions made in previous administrations that are still affecting life today.

Bush’s war in Iraq will cost the tax payers $4-6 trillion that will take decades to pay. Tax cuts were enacted twice during his tenure that contributed to the deficit.

Bush appointed John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, two right wing activists who with previous Republican appointed justices have given us corporate personhood, money equals speech and the Hobby Lobby decision.

Bill Clinton signed NAFTA into law. As Ross Perot warned, there was a huge sucking sound of jobs leaving the U.S. As much as I like Clinton, that trade deal was a huge mistake. Manufacturing and labor in this country have taken a huge hit and the effects on jobs and wages are still being felt.

G.H.W. Bush appointed Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court, a corporate lackey who has shown no restraint in attending political functions on subjects he makes decisions on. He often attends Koch brother functions and Thomas’ wife was on the payroll of the Heritage Foundation and started Liberty Central, an anti-Obama Tea Party group. Clearly Thomas has conflict-of-interest problems.

Of the last five presidents Reagan has had the most effect on U.S. policy. He convinced people that Supply Side Economics (trickle down) would benefit all. He transferred the onus of the tax code from the rich to the poor. He lowered the top income bracket from 70 percent to 28 percent, he said jobs will be produced and everyone benefits. Instead we have the top 10 percent of Americans owning 75 percent of the wealth.

He convinced voters that government was the problem — not unbridled capitalism, greed and aristocracy. So in the rush to privatization and tax cutting we have a hobbled our government and made it less effective in performing its duties.

He began the demise of unions with the firing of the air traffic controllers. The decline in union membership is directly correlated to the stagnation of wages and the rise in income inequality.

He started ignoring the Sherman Antitrust Laws and every administration since has done the same, thus we have too big to fail.

He also appointed Scalia and Kennedy to the Supreme Court about 30 years ago and they are still serving. Old men making decisions that affect women’s health and our overall environment.

Obama’s policies will affect Americans for years also. No wars, an improved health care system, emphasis on renewable energy, etc. and I will have to admit it long after he is out of office.

Dave Butcher

This story was posted on July 31, 2014.