Congested mess

Dear Editor:

I could not agree more with your last week Pagosa SUN editorial.

Highway 160 through town is a congested mess. In the 1800s it most likely did not have great traffic, 1900s was OK and now in the 2000s traffic through town is backed up going east all the way from the Quality Resort due to all our great stoplights especially the one at the library and only two-three lanes.

Colorado Department of Highways needs to create: One — another route around Pagosa so folks can get through faster. If there is any emergency for folks to leave town due to forest fires or any other emergency. Two — Pagosa has a definite need, not a perceived future need for an expanded four-lane Highway 160 from Trails to U.S. 84.

Drivers are going nuts and I don’t plan on going into downtown unless its early or late in the day. A delivery truck was on my bumper pushing me to speed up going west on Put Hill and when he got into Vista, was going 40 miles an hour down children-filled residential streets to make up for his time fighting traffic on U.S. 160.

I could go on and on about my almost accidents from people wanting to go faster. This has been the worst summer ever for traffic. Everyone please slow down and take it easy.

Lynnzie Sutton


This story was posted on July 24, 2014.