Community input invited on courthouse mural

By Udgar Parsons
Special to The PREVIEW

The Imagine Downtown group formed as part of the Downtown Colorado Inc. community assessment is continuing to create another initiative in their effort to beautify Pagosa Springs.

Their previous project, to decorate vacant stores, is continuing, with more solar lights installed to light up stores on the 400 block of San Juan Street.

The next major project is a mural on the west facing wall of the county courthouse.

The team spoke with the county commissioners and got approval from all three to move forward.

As a result, the CDC, in conjunction with Imagine Downtown Initiative is seeking community input and local artist talent to help put up a major mural project on the west wall of our county courthouse. The physical properties of this mural will be constructed on hanging billboard material that will be attached to the west wall. It is our intention to have designs submitted from local artists and then voted on via a public opinion vote in The SUN. The selected artist or artists will have all materials paid for and a monetary project award in addition to Enterprise Zone tax credits.

We are opening the design of the mural to all community input. The initial idea is that the theme could be: Past, Present and Future, consisting of three panels. The first panel of the Past may consist of elements like Chimney Rock, Ute tribal gatherings, early crops, mining, logging, etc.

The second panel is Present and could incorporate the world’s deepest hot springs, Wolf Creek Ski Area, hiking trails, concerts, etc.

The last panel, The Future, could depict a community that is the gateway to sustainability and includes biomass, forest conservation, growing domes and other types of greenhouses for growing ocal produce all year round, holistic healing centers on the river, our schools, a new and larger ski area, and acknowledgment of the arts in the community.

Common to all three panels may be the San Juan River flowing through all three panels and an emphasis on the great hot springs.

The mural could also have any other theme suggested by local citizens. All ideas from the public, especially local artists, can be e-mailed to

We welcome all public input to this exciting project and expect to involve the community in voting on a design winner by April 1,with the mural to be installed by July 1.

This story was posted on February 14, 2013.