Common Core

Dear Editor:

Whoa there Jim, hold up on that 4th cup ‘o Joe at the “concerned” grandpa’s coffee klatch. I know you have breitbart’s on speed-bookmark, just a click away for your righteous conservative dogma rant.

Truth is, Common Core is not a curriculum, it is a set of standards that students should strive for at each grade level. States have the right to decide for themselves whether to adopt them or not, and it is not tied to federal funding (so don’t go there). I don’t know if CO has adopted them (45 states and DC have) but you need to keep it local if you don’t like it and not make it “Obamacore.” But knowing you as I do I figure you just can’t help yourself. Most private and religious schools have opted out of the Core. Standards? We don’t need no stinkin’ standards. CC certainly doesn’t hold up well next to creation science. The National Review, William F. Buckley, Jr.’s respectable and reasonable conservative magazine, can’t even understand why The Right is in such a tizzy over the CC standards; They laud them. Check out their article of April 3, 2013 or just rely on Grandpa Knows Best.

Jim, the 21st century is calling …

Ron Levitan

This story was posted on February 27, 2014.