Dear Editor:

I have read all recent letters about the candidates running for the school board. Erika DeVoti’s letter was the first to have something negative to say about one of the four very qualified candidates who have stepped up to serve our community while the author of every other letter only emphasized the positive attributes of their candidate. She used the word collaborate or a variation thereof a total of 17 times. While I believe that collaboration is important, if overused it can also lead to stagnation and group think, which is why we need new and different views on our school board. I heard all four candidates speak at the League of Women Voters Forum and both Bruce Dryburgh and Brooks Lindner stood out as the candidates who are most likely to keep the community informed and to bring new ideas as well as the ability to “collaborate” to our school board.

I support Bruce Dryburgh because he is a true fiscal conservative who has been active in resisting district and state overreach in attempts to get large bond measures passed for projects that we did not need and for which they sought no real public input before attempting to get them passed — we need someone like Bruce to bring a sense of reality to the Board.

I also support Brooks Lindner because he and his wife, Blue, have sought the same innovative and varied solutions to educating their own children that my husband and I used when we were seeking the best education we could afford for our children. I believe that Brooks has the ability to better inform parents and our community about what is going on in our schools and the education of our children and I am hopeful that his ability to think outside the box will bring more innovation and, possibly, help change our district’s approach to the education of children in Archuleta for the better.

Dagmar Huffman

This story was posted on October 24, 2013.