Closing set for ‘Spamalot’ and ‘The Full Monty’

By David M. Straight
Special to The PREVIEW

Photo courtesy Doug Chapin There’s some rollicking good times to be had during a performance of “Spamalot” at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. The Thingamajig Theatre Co. production of the musical, as well as the company’s production of “The Full Monty,” continues to Aug. 11.

Photo courtesy Doug Chapin
There’s some rollicking good times to be had during a performance of “Spamalot” at the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts. The Thingamajig Theatre Co. production of the musical, as well as the company’s production of “The Full Monty,” continues to Aug. 11.

Are you looking for something to do the next couple of weeks?

Well, if so, you’re in luck!

Thingamajig Theater Company is currently performing not one, but two Broadway shows through Aug. 11.  Save yourself some money and a 2,000-mile drive by coming to the Pagosa Center for “The Full Monty” or “Spamalot.”  Both shows are a hysterically good time that will have you doubling over with laughter.

“The Full Monty” tells the story of six average, out-of-work guys who are looking for a way to make some money.  The show’s main character, a recently laid-off steel mill worker Jerry Lukowski (Dustin Hebert), is in need of some cash to pay his ex-wife, Pam (Melissa Cheffers) for his back child support.  He comes across a group of women willing to pay $50 to see Chippendale dancers and a plan is formed.

With his best friend Dave Bukatinsky (Steven Sitzman) in tow, the two set out to recruit more members  for their group.  The plan is set, to show the women of Buffalo something they can’t see at Chippendales: real men.

Hijinks ensue as Jerry and Dave meet and recruit the new members of their team.

Malcolm MacGregor and Ethan Girard (played by Mark Middlebrooks and Barret Harper) are also two former steel mill employees who join the team for some much-needed money and, more importantly, a place to be and hang out with friends. Kurt Brighton plays Harold, the group’s dance expert, who joins the group out of desperation to keep his wife from knowing he’s been laid off, too.

Finally, there’s Noah “Horse” Simmons (Jeremy Williams), who serves as the “groove” of the group.  Together with their piano player Jeanette (Deborah Curtis), the group discovers that taking off your clothes in front of a thousand women is easier said than done.

“Monty” is the Broadway adaptation of the British film set in 1980’s Sheffield. Updated to current time and set in Buffalo, N.Y., the show makes it’s way across the Atlantic without a hiccup and with some fresh scenes. It’s the perfect combination of a heartwarming story and extremely funny situations that make for an incredibly entertaining show.  The musical numbers tie the show together wonderfully and will keep you laughing until you’re in tears.

There are only five more performances of “The Full Monty” left (Aug. 2, 3, 4, 7 and 8), so make sure you see it before its gone.  Next Wednesday (Aug. 7) is also Girl’s Night Out, the immensely popular and successful Thingamajig-hosted event in its third week. On Girl’s Night Out, tickets are discounted when you use the code “GNO” (Girls Night Out) and ladies get two-for-one drinks at the gallery bar.  Come out to the Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts for a night of drinks, dancing, laughter and male strippers while they’re still here.

Now for something completely different.

If you’re a Monty Python fan, or someone in need of a good laugh, “Spamalot” is the show for you. Running in rep with “The Full Monty,” Thingamajig’s “Spamalot” is the Colorado premiere of the big Broadway adaptation of “Monty Python’s Holy Grail.”

With the show featuring wonderfully choreographed dance numbers, amazing costumes and hilarious punch lines, it’s no wonder that “Spamalot” has been selling out almost every night it has run.

King Arthur (Tim Moore) is on a quest to recruit knights and find the holy grail. But, in typical Python fashion it’s not that simple:  Black Knights, Frenchmen, Rabbits and Knights of Ni stand in their way.

With huge dance numbers, hilarious songs and the original costumes from the London run of the show, “Spamalot” is a must-see.  The show features some of your favorite “Holy Grail” scenes, as well as many new ones poking fun at Broadway shows.

King Arthur and his humble manservant Patsy (Barret Harper) search the land far and wide for knights to join him at the round table.  The handsome Sir Galahad (Ron Tal), the homicidally brave Sir Lancelot (Dustin Hebert), the strangely flatulent Sir Bedevere (Kurt Brighton) and the not-so-brave Sir Robin (Mark Middlebrooks) join King Arthur on his quest for the holy grail.

With an amazing ensemble, hilarious jokes and audience participation throughout, it’s easy to see why this show has been breaking box office records for Thingamajig Theatre Company.  There are only five more performances of “Spamalot” (July 31, Aug. 1, 9, 10 and 11), so make sure you book your tickets soon, before they sell out.

To round out the summer season, the Thingamajig theater company is proud to bring you another Colorado premiere, with “Good People” opening Aug. 16.

Margie, a tough middle-aged “Southie” from the wrong part of Boston, loses her job and is one Bingo game away from homelessness. In reaching out to an old flame from her youth — now a successful doctor — Margie risks all as she tries to find a fresh start.

Will Margie’s luck finally change for the better?

An insightful comedy of class and culture, this recent Broadway hit is darkly funny and surprisingly touching. Thingamajig Theatre is bringing in another all-star cast for this show. Director John Ashton, who was an actor in last season’s AMC hit “Breaking Bad” leads a dream team of regional and national talent, including Denver actors Abby Apple, Deborah Persoff, Kevin Hart and Nancy Thomas. Equity actors Kristen Adele and Craig Dolezel join the cast, as well, for what is sure to be a can’t-miss event closing out the 2013 Summer Season.

“Monty Python’s Spamalot,” rated PG-13, runs Wednesday-Sunday in rep with “The Full Monty,” rated R for mature content, through Aug. 11. “Good People” opens Aug. 16 and runs through Sept. 1.

For tickets, show times and information visit or call 731-SHOW.

This story was posted on August 2, 2013.