Dear Editor:

Your editorial of May 23rd 2013 hits the spot, unlike some of your previous diatribes in recent weeks.

What has the Pagosa area got to offer, if not its most beautiful and spectacular scenery! Why is it spoilt because of unsightly junk along the highway?

Is it just pure selfishness that people want to be in this nice place and then will not take responsibility to keep their own stuff in acceptable shape? It cannot be a result of a bad economy, as this condition has existed since we first started coming here in 1971.

Like you, it seems to me repulsive that government, at any level, should have to intervene. But property rights can only go so far, until they start to adversely impact others.

This brings to mind a quotation from William Penn, founder of the state of Pennsylvania: “Men must be governed by God, or they will be ruled by tyrants.”

What does “governed by God” mean?

To me it means obedience to at least the one of the Ten Commandments. In this particular case, the one that applies could be, “thou shalt not steal.”

What does “ruled by tyrants” mean? Government force — and this could be harsh, unreasonable and restrictive!

At least we can always attempt to be self-governed for our own good and the good of others — “love thy neighbor as thyself.” This could go far in keeping our place clean and attractive — especially as this is a prime tourist area.

Clive Lamprell

Golden, Colo.

This story was posted on May 30, 2013.