Dear Editor:

I’m writing concerning the article in the Jan. 31 edition of The Pagosa SUN titled “Can’t we all just get along,” by “Staff Writer.” It contains quotes taken from a meeting of the committee called “Friends of Reservoir Hill.”

Some of the quotes claim lack of communication between the TTC and the Town Parks and Recreation Commission concerning the recent upgrade in signage performed by the TTC. This is a misrepresentation of the process that the Wayfinding and Signage Subcommittee of the TTC went through in order to upgrade the signs.

To begin the process, the Town Tourism Committee Director presented the idea and concept to the Town Parks and Recreation Commission on March 14, 2012. The Parks and Recreation Commission reviewed the proposed maps, overall concept, provided suggestions and agreed to allow the Signage subcommittee of the TTC to move forward. We worked closely with Parks and Recreation staff and received both the Parks and Recreation Commission (and staff) and Town Council’s input and approval prior to upgrading the signs. We also sought approvals from the Forest Service and Rotary Club for their respective signs.  We did not print or replace any of the old signs until we had received permission from all entities. Everyone involved felt the new signs were an improvement.

I am personally disappointed to see the amazing work of the volunteer Wayfinding and Signage Subcommittee misrepresented.  Volunteers that provided their labor two evenings last summer to re-stain and landscape (remove weeds, move rocks to improve access, etc) the sign structures, in addition to all of the meetings attended to review and discuss the new signs.

A simple phone call or two to the TTC or Parks and Recreation department to verify the information would have been very easy and should be the responsibility of a newspaper that claims to be, “The most trusted source for news and information about Pagosa Springs, Colorado.”

The committee name, “Friends of Reservoir Hill,” implies that the many volunteers that have volunteered hours and hours on the Improvements to Reservoir Hill Project are in fact not Friends of Reservoir Hill. That is so far from the truth. The many volunteers on the Reservoir Hill development committee absolutely love Reservoir Hill and only want to see improvements that will provide more in-town activities for our residents, visitors and tourists while making sure to not take away from the natural beauty and ambiance that the Hill currently provides.

The self-appointed “Friends of Reservoir Hill” have conducted a campaign of spreading untruths and misleading information such as a proposed “Carnival,” “Ferris Wheel,” “Amusement Park,” “Disney World,” “Roller Coaster,” “Go Carts” etc. for the Hill. It needs to be clear that these items are not in the plan and never have been. The actual plan can be seen on the Town of Pagosa Springs website and I encourage everyone to do their own research and not just believe what someone is telling you.

Bob Hart

Editor’s note: “Staff” communicated with members of the town Parks and Recreation Department as well as members of the Parks and Recreation Commission, and made calls to the director of the TTC, which were not returned.

This story was posted on February 7, 2013.