Citizens United

Dear Editor:

People everywhere in America know it’s time to get Money Out of Politics! No more can normal people be elected to public office. Candidates must somehow be affiliated with big corporations in order to get elected. And yes, this means there is the potential for political candidates to be bought! Not a happy thought, but it’s true. That’s why we need to vote yes on Proposition 65.

When our Supreme Court voted on Citizens United vs. FEC (5-4) they opened the door for political mayhem. This decision alleged that “money is free speech” under the First Amendment of the Constitution. Corporations are people and money is free speech? That’s not what our founding fathers intended. Our founding fathers feared the potential power of corporations. Think of all the money being spent on the current political campaign. Imagine if all this money were instead to be spent on improving the infrastructure of our great country and lives of our people. What would this mean?

Did you know that the top .07 percent of donors is exerting more influence on the 2012 race than the bottom 85 percent? More money, more speech. Is that any way to run our country?

Susan Junta

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.