Dear Editor:

We allegedly have 159 million “Christians” in America, according to a 2001 poll by ARIS. This means approximately 159 million people claim the bible to be their “instruction manual” for how to live, and yet, we have virtually every one of these 159 million Christians supporting a pharisaical political and legal system. That is, these Christians have bought into the 60 million statutory law system, and abandoned the simple common law system we started with. Christ condemned the Pharisees for building a false “tradition” system around the simple laws of God. Today, we have a political system that has built a strikingly similar perverse legal system around the simplicity of the Constitution and original intent of our Founding Families. This system is sucking the life blood out of America, and yet, the churches of America are almost invisible in resisting this lawlessness and standing up with the power and authority given by God to free people. This is a shame, and disrespectful of God. It seems most of today’s Christians are hearers only, and not doers of the law. Why do most disobey the supreme law of the land, under God, and embrace the chains of an unconstitutional legal system, and yet claim to be following God’s will? Some in Archuleta County have been working hard to restore the constitution and personal liberties for others, and yet, only a handful of local Christians, (and no churches) are engaged in any meaningful way. No support, no interest, just drifting along on the perceived “freedom” they think they still have, with no need to take personal responsibility to apply the just laws of man. Imagine if these 159 million Christians decided to stand and voice their God-given authority as the sovereigns over government (as “creator” of man’s government), educate themselves on the common law and their lost rights, and then act with all those groups across this republic who are actually doing something to stop the ungodly and criminal actions of government. We would have our Republic back overnight, and everyone’s life would change economically, personally, socially… in every way. Unfortunately, it seems most Churches have great talkers, but ignore actually doing what they are commanded to do. This isn’t condemning the Churches, it is chiding them for their social apathy, and shirking their lawful responsibility to God, family and neighbors to be the example and lead. If all the true Christians in Archuleta County decided to act (let their light shine …) to change the way things are, we would be a model County for others to emulate, and we would soon see changes that would dumbfound others. How about it Churches? God doesn’t teach us to ignore original law (based on God’s laws) any more than He teaches us to ignore spiritual law. Join our cause here, locally, and let’s stop the Pharisaical fraud, and re-institute basic common law to restore our freedoms. Fear is not an excuse. Trust in God, and courage, make it possible. Let’s take our Republic back!

Jeff Maehr

This story was posted on July 25, 2013.