Dear Editor:

An important ballot issue is to be placed before the town voters on April 23. These voters will also have the privilege of speaking for the rest of the residents in the county. The residents of the town have a chance to rectify a mistake that never should have happened — the mistake of letting several unpaid elected officials decide for the rest of us an important quality of life issue.

If Pagosa Springs is an economically threadbare community, too heavily reliant upon a constituency of low-paid service workers, we have an open space in the middle of town, which is justifiably the envy of many, many other communities anywhere. This is a park, essentially, that provides a needed and deserved financial boost from two music festivals annually. It is a park that on a daily basis provides all that a park should give to a town. No parking necessary most of the time, just walk from Main Street or from anywhere close by. The park is always there, always open, always giving someone a chance for some quiet time, exercise, all the things a park is supposed to do, and it is naturally just beautiful.

The people of the town and by extension the whole county deserve some input into any decision that affects the park and their relationship to the park. There are any number of good ideas out there that need to be heard and evaluated by all of us before any power to make choices for us is given to any one person or even just a small handful of people.

Vote yes on April 23. Give the people a choice!

Joseph Gilbert

This story was posted on April 11, 2013.