Chicken Little

Dear Editor:

Mr. Roane misses the point.

Certainly, this initiative is permitted by town charter. Just because it is permitted, does not make it the right way to conduct town business.

The Colorado Supreme Court that opined that initiatives are a part of representative government was incorrect. Nowhere in our U.S. Constitution is there any reference to initiatives. As a matter of fact, while that founding document is utterly silent on initiatives, it specifically and clearly, “Guarantees to every State a Republican form of government.”

The majority of states do not permit initiatives; only twenty four states permit initiatives, Colorado being one of them. Many of those restrict what may be brought forth in an initiative.

Even though permissible, initiatives were never intended to be used in the conduct of usual town business, rather, to restrain the passage of onerous laws and regulations. Once again, this is a slippery and dangerous slope that I hope will be seriously considered before being voted upon.

Fellow citizens, be afraid, be very afraid of tyranny by the majority.  I cannot allow Mr. Roane to once again refer to the roller coaster that only exists in the imaginations of the uninformed,  who  apparently choose to not educate themselves as to the actual proposals for the hill. Mr. Roane’s reference to “a screaming tourist on a roller coaster” is merely a specious implication of what has been proposed (never has a roller coaster been considered for the hill, and Mr. Roane knows that); but I’ll let it slide as an embellished exaggeration.

Imagine that, a lawyer exaggerating and embellishing for effect. Who’da thunk it?

Mr. Roane’s condescending characterization (“screaming tourist”) of our guests shows his total disregard of the value of our tourism industry, an industry which affords this town the ability to better care for its infrastructure and citizens.

Unfortunately, some people agree with Mr. Roane’s attitude towards tourism. These folks want the benefit of tourism dollars, but do not want to be inconvenienced by having to share their town and amenities with them, no matter the value to the financial health of the community at large.

But, I digress. When you’re unable to make your case with the bona fide facts, you then resort to hyperbole. It is very difficult to incite a mob with mundane facts. It is more easily done with more awe-inspiring words, even though the more spine-tingling words may not be a true representation of the facts.

Ya know what is going be really difficult? Unringing that roller coaster bell that has not and will not be rung.

Can you say “Chicken Little?”

Darrel Cotton

This story was posted on March 21, 2013.

One Response to Chicken Little

  1. Brian Griffin

    March 23, 2013 at 2:02 pm

    Do not fret, Mr. Cotton. You, along with your narrow, outdated philosophies, will soon be replaced. It is you who misses the point. Initiatives are necessary when “elected” officials consistently fail to effectively represent the interests and desires of the majority. It’s called democracy.