Change is healthy

Dear Editor:

It was disappointing to see Commissioner Lucero vote for himself and maintain chair of the BOCC. He knows change is “healthy” in government. As Paul Harvey would say, just what is the “rest of the story,” why is Lucero against a normal board chair rotation? What’s his heartburn?

It wasn’t any surprise how Wadley voted. He’ll just vote with “nothing to say, I don’t have any comment.” Reminds me of the way Obama voted in the Illinois Senate, which was “present” — nothing to say. The Archuleta County voter can do better without Wadley’s slobber.

Thankfully, Wadley was soundly defeated when he ran for County Sheriff some years ago. But I guess it ain’t no disgrace for a commissioner to fall, however, to lie there and grunt is.

Jim Sawicki

This story was posted on January 30, 2014.