Dear Editor:

Another election has come and gone with what seems to be renewed hope among many people. Hope that perhaps now things will change.

Unfortunately, being in a state of hopefulness never creates change. As long as one does nothing else but be hopeful, one will continue to be in a state of hopefulness. Hope never has and never will change anything. It is a stagnant state of being that looks to something outside itself to make things change, like many now look to politicians.

Sorry, folks, but politics is business, change is personal. It requires something from the individual to facilitate the change. The world will never change as long as the people occupying it don’t change. The world is not something outside of you. You are the world. If you really want change in the world, then you will have to change first.

The truth is we spout off about how much we want things to change and yet we ourselves are not willing to change. Therein lies the root of the problem. It is time to awaken out of our slumber and take responsibility for our own lives, our own change and thereby change the world. To see the change you must be the change. It’s as simple as that. So, if you really, really want change, realize just hoping for change will never cause change in the world but you, living the love you are, will.

Andrea Lyle

This story was posted on November 19, 2012.