Dear Editor:

After attending the CDC meeting last week, I was concerned to hear the funding for the CDC was in jeopardy. Understandably, economics are tight all around, but funding the CDC is a critical component of moving this community forward and helping to tackle the high unemployment rate. Small business is the engine that creates jobs and small businesses need the help of the CDC. This is not something that can be outsourced to Durango or downsized. Businesses here in town use the CDC services for consultation on a variety of issues ranging from startup to marketing to finance.

What’s wonderful about the CDC and its board of directors is that they are readily accessible and are comprised of talented business people who are dedicated to helping any size or type of business achieve success. Valuable resources, largely unknown to many, are available and easily tapped via the CDC and its personnel and network. With the looming Wal-Mart in our future, we need small business support more than ever. Not every business succeeds, but without help we will have fewer startup entrepreneurs developing businesses in our community.

I have used the CDC services regularly for my small business. I hope other businesses in the community will write in, tell a friend, become a member and attend CDC meetings. Most importantly, though, share your business experiences with our city and county officials in person or by note and make an appointment to attend the county commissioners’ meeting scheduled for Oct. 11. We need this kind of support in our community.

Lynne Vickerstaff

This story was posted on September 26, 2012.