CDC resignation

Dear Editor:

I feel it is incumbent upon me to respond to some of the letters to the editor and feedback around town concerning the CDC meeting of March 7.

I appreciate Mr. Ramberg, who attended the meeting, saying that remarks made by me could have been interpreted in different ways.

To Norman Vance, your point is well taken that “progress,” while being welcomed by some, is not so welcome to others, but that change of some sort is inevitable.

To Jacque Aragon, you can rest assured that if you talk to people who know the CDC board members personally, that none of them are racist.

I created the controversial slide: “Signs of Change” as a discussion point for the meeting, not as a definitive statement by the CDC.

My statements were a report, a description of the changes occurring in our town and a report of the results of research carried out over the last three months. If they were seen as a judgment I am sorry, as that was not my intent.

My intent was and is to help Pagosa Springs grow organically in a manner beneficial for all. As I have engaged in community initiatives recently, the thing that stands out the most is that we all love Pagosa Springs and want the best for it. Obviously we all have different ideas of what that is.

My hope is that we can acknowledge our differences yet move forward in spite of them and include them. Whether we have been here for three generations or three months let us find a way to see beyond our different opinions and work together.

Our mission at the CDC is to help connect and unify the community not to divide and separate. My apologies are extended to all concerned, that my remarks appeared to do the latter; this was not my intention. I am expressing that directly to individuals concerned.

As a mark of sincerity and respect for those who have felt hurt, I am tending my resignation to the CDC board. My commitment to our community remains unchanged.

I pray for healing and that we can put this behind us and move forward with understanding and forgiveness.

Finally, to the editor, Terri, thank you for saying that in your opinion there are no barriers. It’s time to work together, and move forward.

Udgar Parsons

This story was posted on May 8, 2014.