Dear Editor:

Your Precinct Caucus will be held 4 March 2014 at 7 p.m.  The Caucus starts at 7 pm — you should plan to show up, check in, get your ballots and see what all is going on by about 6:30.

In order to participate in your Republican Precinct Caucus, you must be registered as a Republican not later than Friday, 3 January 2014, and you must be a resident in your precinct not later than Monday, 3 February 2014. Don’t wait until the last minute — you can easily go down to the County Clerk’s Elections Office at the County Building and register or you can go to where, once you are on the Secretary of State’s website, you can register if you have a Colorado driver’s license or you can change/modify your registration if you are already registered.

If you have become so frustrated with the Republican Party that you have changed to an Unaffiliated voter, then you will not get a vote until the ballots come out for the general election (4 November 2014) — and then you will only be able to vote for a candidate that was picked by those who attended their caucus and assemblies.

If you are registered as a Republican, and are frustrated with some of the Republicans in Congress, then you need to attend your Republican Precinct Caucus on 4 March 2014. This is where the election process starts and where you can have an impact.

If you want to influence what is happening at the local, state and national level in the Republican Party, you need to be involved at the beginning. Register so that you can attend your Precinct Caucus (4 March 2014); vote for, or run to be one of the delegates to the County Assembly (22 March 2014) where you/they get to vote for like-minded folks to go to the multi-County District Assemblies (59th House District, 6th Senatorial District, 3rd US Congressional District) and the State Assembly (Colorado University, Boulder 11-12 April 2014).  At each of these assemblies, the elected delegates can, hopefully, elect some like-minded candidates to run for governor, U.S. and Colo. Senators, and U.S. and Colo. House Representatives. If you are not involved with the Republican Party and go to your precinct caucus, you don’t get any of those opportunities to run as a conservative delegate or to vote for your favored conservative delegate or candidate.

If you don’t know what precinct you are in, you can go to the county website (, click on “County Departments” then “Clerk/Recorder’s office,” click on “Elections” and then on “Election Precincts” to see the maps.

2014 is a critical election. There are really only two choices — you can be part of the solution, or you are part of the problem!

Join us at the caucus and county and state assemblies to try to elect delegates and candidates who will stand up for the values in which we/you believe. Many of you have been involved in this process for many years and we don’t stand a chance of changing things if people like you are not involved.

Jim Huffman

This story was posted on December 19, 2013.