Caucus disgust

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my disgust with the Archuleta County Republican Caucus process here in our County. I have not attended a Caucus since I last ran for office in 1986. I thought I should again become involved in the process as I am now retired and have time for grass roots politics. I attended Precinct 1 Caucus and was astounded with the fact that our local Republican Party is on the same path that the National Party is on. At the Caucus, voting for delegates to the County Convention were voted on before any Candidates were allowed to speak or their statements read. It appeared that the Central Committee had already decided who was going to be our Candidates for County Office before the Caucus started and programmed the assembly to disallow anyone else into the mix. The same kinds of things have been occurring on the State and National level for quite a few election cycles. The Candidates and issues are pre-chosen.

This (go along to get along) attitude that Republicans have adopted in our County and nationally is why we have the totally ineffectual and splintered Congressional and State delegations we are currently saddled with. I feel that has occurred exclusively on the National level during the last number of election cycles, which has resulted in National Candidates that are so middle of the road that there is virtually no difference between them and the Democrat. I have not actually voted for a Candidate since Ronald Reagan, I have been put in the position of voting against the more liberal of the two.

I couldn’t believe that at our local Precinct Caucus there was a left wing resolution to not allow an Article 5 Convention to occur in our state that was voted on and passed in Precinct 1 to be forwarded for adoption at the County Convention. I believe that our local Republicans are as unacquainted as the East Coast Liberal Republicans of what it is going take to get Republicans excited enough to come out and actually support a Candidate, or an issue, rather than a ho-hum response for a Candidate that isn’t a whole lot different from the Democrat or the Democratic response to an issue. I believe that Conservatives are a majority in this Country whether they are Democrat or Republican but an observer of Congress and the Current Administration sure wouldn’t be able to discern that. We now have runaway debt, Obamacare, gun control, government spying on Citizens, wholesale murder of unborn children, and any number of other violations of our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms in this Country that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. I blame the Republicans not only for not finding viable articulate candidates for office but subjecting anyone that comes forth with some actual values, ideas, or principals to ridicule and scorn. Our local Republicans are no better.

Neal Smith

This story was posted on March 13, 2014.