Catholic parishes to screen ‘Passion of the Christ’ March 27

By Roxanne Schick
Special to The SUN

The Catholic parishes of Archuleta County are sponsoring a free screening of “The Passion of the Christ” to enhance your experience of the Easter mysteries. During this time of holy week, Christians concentrate on this part of the story of Jesus Christ as they prepare for Resurrection Day.

Indeed, Christians believe that, without the cross, there would be no salvation.  Many people ask why Jesus had to suffer death on the cross. The answer is that God chose this to demonstrate for people in every age the depth of his love, the depth of God’s commitment to the salvation of humanity, and the depth of God’s desire to be one with us in every moment of our lives—even the worst ones.

In the development of the screenplay to this movie, co-writer, producer and director Mel Gibson relied on both scriptural accounts and mystical visions of faithful Christians. The horrific scenes of the scourging, of the way to Calvary, and the crucifixion are spliced with memory-sequences of Jesus’ childhood, of fun times, and serious times in his ministry. This film technique has a jarring effect on the psyche of the viewer. It shows the true human experience of Jesus the Son of God and son of Mary. It has the effect of making Jesus a very real person, something from which many try to distance themselves. In making this film, Gibson created one of the most anticipated and controversial films of recent times.

Although all the dialogue in the movie is in the ancient languages, there are subtitles that help move the story along, as well as vivid depictions of these last days of Jesus’ mortal life on earth. For those who know the story well, the subtitles are not necessary.

Come and intensify your Holy Week on Wednesday night, March 27, at 7 p.m. at the Liberty Theater downtown.

This story was posted on March 14, 2013.