Cast selected for CUP’s ‘Snow White’

Special to The PREVIEW

Curtains Up Pagosa! enjoyed a record turnout of more than 70 people who showed up for auditions for the upcoming production of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

The musical, scheduled for Dec. 12-15 at the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium, brought out aspiring actors, young and old alike, who sought to be a part of this delightful fairytale production.

“We are absolutely thrilled at the number of new faces at this year’s auditions,” said the director, Dale Johnson. “It was an overwhelming response, and we were delighted to discover once again the huge amount of talent among us in Pagosa Springs.  Of course, it made it much harder to select the small cast, but we hope that all of these folks will return to audition in the future for other productions.  This large participation not only gives us a larger pool of actors to choose from, but brings fresh talent to our stage.”

The selected speaking cast includes Ami Harbison Crook (Snow White), Katrina Thomas (Queen), Johannah Laverty (Esmeralda), Gus Palma (Magic Mirror), Spence Scott (Prince Robert), Hannah Hemenger (Cat), T. Gage Smith (Huntsman), Jodi Kurz (Enchanted Vixen), Jeremy Medina (Sarge), Anika Thomas (Gabby), Billy Baughman (Gloomy Gus), Julian Oliver (Ticklish), Brooke Kudelski (Spritely), Elsa Lindner (Snore), Taylor Jones (Slowpoke), Anne Price (Crone), Jacqueline Garcia (Forest Sprite).

Forest Creatures include Jordyn St. Louis, Sierra Liverett, Gracelyn Kiker, Kaeden Thomas, Ellas Hemenger, Annie O’Donnell, and Sasha Hampton.

Chorus members include Katriel Davies, Gabi Garbiso, Samaya Dunn, Ella Blechman, Maria Campuzano, Regan Richardson, Hayley Mitchell, Jackie Hampton, Brandye Kiker, Jessica Krebs, Trent Stevens, DeAnn Schaff, Cierra Caler, Faith Heitz, and Aryiana Rackham.

Directors include Dale Johnson and Darcy DeGuise (production directors) and Sally Neel and Linda Parker (music directors).

This story was posted on October 10, 2013.