Cards of Thanks

4-H Sportsfishing

Archuleta County 4-H Sportsfishing program would like to express its gratitude to the gentleman in the Arboles area that donated a bag full of feathers and other materials. The sportsfishing program focuses on teaching fly tying and without this generous donation, would have had to purchase materials. We greatly appreciate this anonymous gesture and hope this reaches you, wherever you may be.


I would like to say thank you to all our volunteers that helped run the clocks and do the books through our middle school basketball season. We appreciate you all so much. Our games could not happen without the help of volunteers. Thank you to Virginia Manzanares, Sue Jones, Bill Fair, Denise McCabe, Davilyn Valdez, Butch Madrid, Wendy Bramble, Melanie Cowan, Stacey Lewis and Ed Simpson. Thank you for giving so generously of your time.

Justin S. Cowan

Assistant Principal/

Athletic Director


Thank you to the ballooners who traveled to Pagosa, bought food and lodging and put on such a great show for everyone.

We know that cost a lot of money.

It is so nice that you have come back to be part of our Winterfest.

Thank you again and hope to see you in more winter festivals.

Lili Pearson

This story was posted on February 20, 2014.