Cards of Thanks

Loaves and Fishes

Many thanks to the Community Foundation serving Southwest Colorado for a very generous check to support weekly lunches, at no charge, to Loaves and Fishes of Archuleta County. Donors are essential to this non-profit organization and our ability to continue providing meals. During 2013, almost 15,000 meals were served. There are many people in Archuleta County who cannot afford hot meals every day, some who do not have even a means of cooking a hot meal. This is an integral community service.

Thank you, Community Foundation, Durango, for serving Loaves and Fishes of Archuleta County with your gift.

Loaves and Fishes of Archuleta County Board of Directors

Search and rescue

A big thank you to all the search and rescue teams of Archuleta and Mineral counties, as well as the Wolf Creek Ski Area team and Wolf Creek Trailblazers, and Flight for Life team. On Jan. 3, a cold, dark moonless night, the teams mentioned above assembled and skillfully worked their way on a search for a marooned backcountry skier. I cannot explain how well these teams worked together; it is beyond words.

The search ended on a happy note.

Support your search and rescue teams.

Pam Morrow and

Jerry Ethelbah

This story was posted on January 9, 2014.